Wedding program fans are such a nice way to provide your guests with the order of service for your ceremony. It's a huge bonus in the warm temps for your family and friends to use them to stay cool. The last wedding that I attended was 95° in the mid-summer heat and we felt like we were melting into the church pews. You could hear soft movement of everyone in the church fanning themselves. What a fantastic addition and so very appreciated when the temp is high.

The templates make it so easy for you to make your own program fans. You simply download the files, open within word on your desktop or laptop and edit to your own details. You will then print, trim, insert your wooden paddle and your fans are complete. To be able to print your own wedding programs can save you hundreds of dollars over the traditional made by others approach. Your finished product can look just as beautiful or maybe even better than anything that you could purchase ready-made. The bonus is it was made by you, and that is always appreciated.

Whether you are getting married on the beach or in a garden setting we have themes and colors to coordinate with your wedding. Font colors and styles are editable by you within Word. The majority of all program fans you see on our website are available in any color.  You can also browse through the entire selection of program fans immediately below and continuing for several pages.

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