Our shop offers over 100 wedding table number templates that you can print for your own reception tables. Your templates are instant downloads and will be immediately available after purchase. You will require Microsoft Word installed in order to edit. Please be sure to be working on a desktop or laptop and not an iPad or phone when you download your file.

If you see a style that you would like to order but cannot find your specific color, simply send a note through to us with your requested color. We will send custom ordering instructions within 24 to 48 hours.

All templates are 100% editable by you. You can also change the table number to a name should you wish. Some customers prefer to name tables for their favorite cities, sports teams, varieties of wine, locations of interest for the couple, etc. You can also completely remove the bride and groom's name and date from the template if you wish to only display the number. The table number templates are PC compatible only. All table number text is 100% editable to your own specific needs. The only thing you can't edit is the color of the graphics themselves.

Place cards, menus and seating chart posters are all available in coordinating colors and themes to match all table numbers. You will find each of these under their specific drop-down menu at the top of this page.

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