FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?
We are online 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST Monday through Friday.

How to use the Templates?

The templates are all Microsoft word documents. You will need to have Word installed on your computer and be familiar with the program. You will receive access to download your word documents in a .zip file after receipt of your payment.  In addition you will receive a download link via e-mail.  If by chance you don't receive your download, please contact us. You need to be on a laptop or desktop and not an iPad or a phone.

What can you change/edit on each template?
You can change or edit all text within the templates. The only thing you cannot change or edit is the color of the graphics. All custom colors need to be ordered in advance of purchase.

Are the fonts included with your purchase?
We try to embed all fonts that are free of charge. We use both free and paid fonts. If you would like the name of a particular font that is used in our templates, please send a note through after purchase. Don't forget to include the name of the design you purchased.

Where can the templates be printed?
You can print your templates at home, office, or any copy shop such as Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Kinko's, etc. We do put a copyright statement on all of our  templates. If you plan to use a copy shop, please request a print release. We will send through a print release within 48 hours of your request.

How can you take your files to the copy shop?
You can save your Microsoft Word templates as PDF documents by choosing Save As > PDF.  You can then save your PDF templates to a flash drive and take to your copy shop. You can also upload to any online copy shop. If they require a JPEG, you can open your PDF and choose Save As > JPEG.

What type of stock should you use?
Our recommendation is between 60 - 110 lb. card stock. There are dozens of options available at any stationery location or online suppliers. Keep in mind that if you are printing at home, the stock needs to be thin enough to successfully run through your printer.  The heavier stock choices may need to be printed at a copy shop. All templates are set up on 8.5 x 11 size (some 2 per page, others 4 per page, etc). Please review all photographs included to see the full layout.  

How will you receive your templates?
The templates will be delivered to you immediately upon receipt of your payment through PayPal. If you do not see your download email, please be sure to check your spam folder. If for any reason you do not receive your download links please contact us.

Do you offer refunds, exchanges or returns?
Due to the nature of Digital Products, we are unable to offer refunds, exchanges or returns. Please be sure to ask any questions in advance of purchase.

Copyright Information
In accordance with standard license prohibitions, you may not resell, redistribute or share these templates in whole or in part for any reason; claim these designs as your own, or sell any design digitally or printed on any online store (including but not limited to Etsy, Ebay or any online or brick and mortar stores).

Will you fill in all my information for me?
We do not offer any typesetting services at this time.

Thank you for your order.
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